Ann Tweedale Cooperative is the largest women’s cooperative house at Purdue University with a 40 girl capacity and has been active since 1937.  Each year cooperative rush is held at the beginning of the spring semester and we welcome anywhere from 10-20 new members to join our big, happy family. Ann Tweedale is more than just a nice place to live on campus, it is the place we get to come home to each evening after classes to a home cooked meal and relax with our sisters.

It is our home away from home.

Of course, the only reason any of us are here at Purdue is first and foremost for our education. By combining a focus on school and focus on forming a sisterhood bond, women cooperative housing creates a positive place where women learn new life skills and have the best college experience Purdue has to offer.


What makes cooperative housing different you may ask?

The word cooperative by definition means helping one another in working toward a common goal. We take that very seriously. Our goal being to run a clean, efficient, and effective house. We cook our meals for each other, clean common rooms of the house for each other, redecorate parts of our house, and take care of each other like family all of this in an effort to make our house as much of a home as possible. We stay running because the women of our house work together and utilize each others diverse skills, knowledge and talents to overcome any obstacles we may face. And as a result of our working together we are able to keep our rent low and learn invaluable new things from 40 very diverse, wonderful women.